Monday, September 14, 2009

advantage of the internet

The ability to spread news quickly can have massive effect, in this case its the internet. If something happens in England or London it can be instantly communicated around the globe. Besides that,the internet provides many benefits to those who are seeking fast access of data and information.This can clearly save time and effort of searching information at the library.As for business man, they are able to double-check things before a presentation or find reliable information for the organization.
More over,the internet give us the opportunity to learn about other culture and making new friends.For instance,facebook gives people the chance to communicate with different types of people from all over the globe.They are able to express their thoughts and give comments on certain topic.This is a brilliant and healthy way to reduce stress.
The internet is also good for those who love to do business.With the internet you are able to advertise your company to reduse the amount of money and save time.Next, you can buy and sell product with the internet throught ebay.Buying products throught the internet is very cheap as we are buying straight from the retailer and you are able to choose the products from a variety of seller and different design of products.
in a nutshell, internet does give everyone various advantages.

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